-"The vajacial is hair removal’s best friend. Especially everyone who waxes/sugars —and anyone who suffers from ingrown hairs." 

Ingrown hairs are quite usual in of any sort of hair removal. An ingrown hair is a hair stuck right under the thin, mostly under a layer of dead skin cells. Because it keeps growing, eventually the hair becomes big enough to create a red bump on your skin which resembles a zit. A lot of the times, this will get infected, and the spot where the hair is growing will actually become quite painful.

While ingrown hairs can occur anywhere on the body & can happen to anyone, this mostly happens to people who have coarse or curly hair. It does tend to happen most often in the intimate areas.


Getting this cosmetic treatment will remove those ingrown hairs, and if done regularly, prevents it from happening again.

When should I get a vajacial?

Ideally 10-20 days after your sugaring/wax. At this point, the hair is starting to grow back and its much easier to see which hairs are causing the problem.

Can anyone get a vajacial?

Yes ! its a great preventative treatment and great for those who love the extra pampering. With time it can also help with any uneven skin tone.

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Whats included in my vajacial?

Your vajacial will include a deep cleanse, professional exfoliation, extractions & treatment of any ingrown hairs, and High frequency.

Add a customized jelly mask to soothe the skin

 Our jelly masks treat  pigmentation, problematic skin and sensitive skin. ($15)

Vajacial : $45

Vajacial & Customized Jelly mask : $60